Top 5 Anime like Erased

Erased, or more commonly known as Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi, is a famous series that aired in the year 2016. The series quickly grabbed the attention of the viewers, and the reason for the extreme popularity of the series was its unique story plot that perfectly combines three of the most popular Anime genre of that time. These three genres were Mystery, Suspense and thriller. And apart from these three, some episodes of the series also have some elements of sci-fi action including the time travel. In all the series was a great hit of its time, and the viewers really appreciated the characters and the story plot of the series. In case you have watched the series, and are looking for a similar series that shows a perfect blend between two or more genres in the most adorable ways,then here are a few series that you can completely rely on. Some of these series may not be as exciting as the Erased, but it is sure that you are going to enjoy them in a better way than any other Anime series currently being aired on the various channels.

Best Anime Like Erased

  1. Colorful

Colorful is a story of a soul that committed suicide and sent back to earth as a chance to live the life to the fullest. However, the trick in the series was that the soul is transferred against his will to a Japanese boy named Makoto who is depressed lone wolf. Now the soul needs to cope with his new body and make him learn to live the life with complete fulfillment. The story shows how difficult it is to live another person’s life, and how easy it is to criticize the life of others without knowing how they are dealing with the situations.

Compared with the Erased, colorful also is about the second chance of fixing the mistakes made in the past. The series is worth watching for almost every Anime lover who loves the Mystery genre Anime.

In case you haven’t watched it till now, try buying the DVD of the series and experience a whole new level of Mystery anime with a meaningful message that will help learn life in a better way.

  1. Another

If you have watched “Final Destination” series of Hollywood movies, you will find the plot of Another very familiar. The deaths in the Anime series are a completely unmatched sequence of events that are extremely hard to believe. The main lead of the series is the Koichi Sakakibara who links the series of mystical deaths to the disappearance of a girl name Mei. The series is extremely entertaining and if you were looking for a series that has amazingly detailed graphics and brilliant story, then “Another” would be a great series to look for.

If you haven’t watched Another till now, and are willing to see a series that can easily be compared with the Erased, then you must see look for the series right now. And even though  you haven’t watched erased and are looking for an extremely dense Anime, Another would be  a great choice for you.

  1. Anohana: Flower We saw that day

The story of Anohana revolves around the ghost of a girl named as Menma who returns to haunt Jinta who is working extremely hard to forget his past. The main task of his life is to find the disappearance of his loving friend. The story perfectly blends he situations of the past and the consequences in the present day. Moreover, the Anohana and the Erased has numerous similarities including the story plot and the way the present of the characters is influenced by their past, especially after the death of the girl.

They lead characters in both the series have various similarities , you can experience numerous similarities in the life of the characters. They both have a dull life, and they both avoid being with people of the society.

In all, Anohana is a great story to look for. And if you loved watching Erased, then you will surely love watching  Anohana. Despite of having several similarities, Anohana still has a unique touch that you are going to enjoy to the fullest. So, for all the Anime lovers, the Anohana is a brilliant choice to see a completely new level of excitement.

  1. Steins; Gate

Although the Steins;Gate share a somewhat similar plot as Erased, where the past  is being manipulated various times just to save a single person. However, apart from this, the series typically is based on another genre that is Sci-fi which is completely different from the mystery and thriller which were the main genre of Erased. Moreover, the story of Steins;Gate revolves around a mad scientist Okabe. The most successful invention of Okabe is a Phone Microwave, which allows him to send emails to the past. This allows him to manipulate the past in a certain way.

In all, the Stein;Gate is a perfect series for the Anime lovers who love watching the Science fiction stories with their friends. Try this series and know how exciting it can be to watch a sci-fi series with a touch of past manipulation.

  1. From the New World

The series also have the same plot of the magical disappearance of the characters in a most mysterious way. The story emphasizes on the mysterious circumstances and the not so normal disappearances. Shinsekai Yori(main character of the series) uses the memory/flashback to get to the root reason of disappearances.

In all the “From the new world” shows a perfect blend of past  circumstances and  their consequences in the present conditions of the characters.

In all, if you have watched Erased, From the New World would be a perfect choice to look for.

So, these were the best Anime series that can somehow be compared to Erased in terms of unique blend of genres. So, try them, and let us know your views on these series, and how you liked them. Also, if you think that any other series that is not listed here must be included under the title, then too, let us know.

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