Best Black Anime Characters that you will fall in love with

The best thing that the cartoon or Anime series have in common is that do not discriminate the characters as you would have seen in numerous movies and other shows. The anime is one of the only few categories of entertainment that still emphasizeson pure entertainment. That’s the reason why you can see various characters from other races in the anime. There are numerous anime characters that are popular among the viewers and that are not American or Japanese. Here are the six best and most liked Black Anime characters that took the world like a storm. Go through the list, and know about the characters that show you the power of Anime.

Best Black Anime Characters

  1. Bushido Brown (The Boondocks)

The Boondocks (2005) is a famous anime action series that is still loved by those viewers who love to watch the classic action anime. Those who have watched The Boondocks would agree with us that the Grandmaster Bushido Brown was one of the coolest characters of the series that has gained enormous popularity among the viewers.

Apart from his looks, the thing that made him popular among the viewers is his attitude towards the life. Although he is martial arts experts, he didn’t take the rules and moderations of martial arts too seriously. The only thing he cares for is money and the reputation. The serve the rich people as a bodyguard to make money and take part in the martial art tournaments to dominate others. He doesn’t really care what is wrong and what is right. He just works for money and fame.

  1. Desmond Rutaganda (Psycho Pass)

Another Black Anime character that has gained enormous popularity among the viewers is Desmond Rutaganda from Psycho Pass. Although the whole series was a big hit,the character that has gained the maximum limelight was Desmond Rutaganda. And although the appearance of Desmond Rutaganda is lesser in comparison, his cybernetics abilities one of the strongest characters in the series.

Apart from the flawless shooting skills, Desmond Rutaganda is a powerful leader who has the abilities to conquer even the strongest enemies that restrict him to complete his mission.

Personally, I loved watching the strong muscular character in the series that is basicallybased on the sci-fi action and adventure. If you were looking forward to watch a great character that has all the abilities to be the main character of a separate series, then the Desmond Rutaganda would be a great choice for you.

  1. Akagi Takenori (Slam Dunk)

Although the Akagi Takenori was a secondary character of the series, he gained enormous popularity due to his strong appearance and the attitude he has towards his sister Haruko (female lead of the series) and his basketball team. The game was basically based on basketball sports where the Akagi Takenori is the leader of the Shohoku team.

Apart from the strong appearance,there are several more characteristics that made Akagi Takenori a brilliant character to admire. His strict way to treat the team with discipline made his team one of the best in the league. You can learn many things from the Akagi’s character and if you are looking forward to have great success in life, you can grab numerous lessons from Akagi Takenori.

  1. Iris (Pokémon)

Pokémon series doesn’t need any introduction. The series went live for almost two decades and has gained enormous popularity among kids of different age group. Although the main character of the series was Ash Ketchum, there were numerous Gym leaders and supporters who gained enormous popularity among the amine lovers.One such gym leader that gained the attention of many viewers is Iris from Opelucid Gym. Ash challenges her for the legend badge. She had very fiery nature and had a great fight with trainer Ash. She is a Dragon-typePokémon trainer and calls Ash as a kid. Overall, her skills were impeccable and the way she handled her Pokémon clearly shows her determination and skillfulness.

  1. Darui (Naruto)

Like the Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z, Naruto has also gained enormous fame across the world. And apart from the main character Ninja Naruto, the character that has gained enough attraction of the viewers is the Darui. Daruiis not as fiery as other ninja characters in the series and has a laid back calm nature that not goes with his skill. That’s the reason why most viewers often consider him as a dull character of the series. However, still, he is a ninja and can do any possible thing to protect Raikage from any threat. He is skillful and can handle any threat easily with his calm and focused nature and extraordinary fighting skills.

The character somehow encourages the viewer to have a calm and focused nature in life that can help them achieve harder goals easily.

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  1. Brock (Pokémon)

For all those viewers who have watched the Pokémon series from the start would know Brock who was in the gang of Ash Ketchum and was a gym trainer from Pewter city. Although he is a trainer and uses the Rock-type Pokémon for his fight, but the dream of Brock is to become a Pokémon breeder instead of a Pokémon trainer. To fulfill his dream, he planned to be with Ash to know more about the different types of Pokémon and their likings.

He is the most mature and intelligent character in the Ash’s team and knows a lot about the Pokémon. Ash always takeadvice from him when he needs to know more about a new Pokémon he wanted to catch.

These black Anime characters not only show the artist’s approach to deal the world with equality but also show the vivid and wide scope of the art. These six black anime characters have different characteristics and as the other anime character possess some ideal personality traits that must be considered to achieve great success in life. So, go through them, and learn to live life to the fullest.

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