10 Anime Like Naruto that you are going to love

Naruto is undoubtedly the best anime series for those kids who love watching action anime. However, if you also love watching Naruto, then you would have wonder at least once that what are the other characters/series that you can watch that somehow resemble their characteristics with Ninja Naruto. AS the anime world is quite vast, there are numerous characters which match with the power of Ninja Naruto and provide you the same level of excitement. So, go through the list of ten anime that resemble Naruto in some way, and watch them to choose your favorite.

Best Anime Like Naruto 2019 

  1. Nanatsu No Taizai

“The Seven Deadly Sins” is not only about the action and adventure like the Naruto and other action anime series, but it is about the journey and heart touching story that perfectly backs up the series of adventures and instances throughout the journey. The series tells the story of the seven knights that were somehow treated as bad for mankind and banned from their services. These seven knights which together known as the Seven deadly sins have been living an ordinary life in an abandoned island. Now the world is again in danger, humanity needs these seven so-called bad guys to retain the world peace.

The series is packed with action and emotion that make it a perfect way to enjoy your spare time in your entertainment center. So, if you were looking for a perfect character/series to watch this weekend, that can truly compete with Naruto Ninja, try your hands on “The Seven Deadly Sins”. You are going to love Nanatsu No Taizai.

  1. Fairy Tail

For those viewers who love watching the anime with a perfect blend of action and magic, the Fairy Tail would be a perfect choice for you. Basically, FairyTail is a groupof wizards who are capable enough to crush the bad guys with magic and power. When Lucy Heartfilia joined the group, she was amazed by the magic and power that she is going to use against the evils. In all, the Fairy Tail would be a great anime series for those who are looking for a perfect action series to watch.

  1. Bleach

Bleach is an amazing series based on the supernatural concepts. The main character of the series, Ichigo Kurosaki is a normal student who has an extraordinary ability to see the supernatural. Whether it is the ghosts, witches, or hollows, he can clearly see them which is indeed a superpower. However, the series comes to action when he is chosentoact as a replacement Shinigami and fulfill the obvious duty of a Death God. The series has a great storyline and the action blended perfectly with magic and supernatural activities make it one of the best action anime series available for the viewers.

  1. Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls

Another brilliant series that can compete with Naruto Ninja in terms of action moves and the excitement level is the Basilisk. The series is set around the two rival Ninja clans who are after a ninja scroll that has the ability to enhance their powers by many folds. The action and supernatural abilities of the ninjas of both the clans make it a worth watching series and if you were looking for a perfect series that can act as a Naruto replacement, then once try the Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls. You will surely love the series and its characters.

  1. Mushibugyou

Jinbee (Mushibugyou) and Ninja Naruto share some really cool characteristics that make identical in any ways. Both the characters have the same level of determination to be the best. However, unlike the Naruto, Jinbee wants to be the best swordsman, and possess the same level of determination that makes the series somewhat similar to Naruto. Additionally, the Mushibugyouis also roughly based on Ninja scenario, but series is more about the martial arts, than the ninja training. Nevertheless, the series has numerous action sequences and you won’t feel the series as boring at any level. So, if you were looking for a perfect alternative to Naruto, Mushibugyou would be a great choice for you.

  1. World Trigger

One thing that you would agree with us is the Naruto is somehow not natural. The magical moves and supernatural things can’t be imagined in the real life. However, for kids, this is a perfect fantasy that entertains them to the best. In case you are looking for more sci-fi and cool looking anime series, then you should go with World Trigger which is more of an advanced and more mature kind of action Anime series based on ninja action. With advanced weapons and alien invasion, this series offers a complete entertainment. And regardless of your age, you are going to find the World Trigger a great series to watch.

  1. Dragon Ball Z

If we look for the series that is equally popular among the kids as the Naruto, then it would none other than the Dragon Ball Z. You won’t find any kid who does not know Goku. Some viewers also say that the Naruto is somehow inspired by Dragon Ball Z. The series has great action moves that you are going to be a fan of, and most importantly, the series shows both soft and tough side of Goku that makes it a great series of a warrior. The kids are surely going to love it.

  1. Katekyo Hitman Reborn

This series is about a normal kid, Tsunayoshi, who is bad in almost everything. Whether it is academics, sports, or any other trait of personality, you can term him as a loser. However, things change for him when a mysterious HItman baby appears and train him to be a better person in every possible way. The reason for the training is Tsunayoshi is the future boss of the Vongola Mafia Family. The way he changes from a normal kid to a master of martial arts is worth watching.

  1. Blue Exorcist

The humans and demons are the different realities that never conflict each others’ way. However, the demons have now a new way to destroy the humanity. And this new way is possession. Through possession, the demons can now interfere the human world like never before. The only hope for the humans is the Rin Okumura, who himself is a demon but work as an Exorcist to save humanity and defeat the evil. The series is packed with demons and action that make it one of the kind action anime. Try your hands on it, and you will find it a great anime series to watch.

  1. King of Ou

King of Ou is based on a 14-year old Rokujou Miharu who has some extraordinary abilities that many ninja clans would like to have. Rokujou was first not too keen about his powers but slowly he develops the interest and now his main goal of life is to fight the evil ninja clans and protect his powers fromthem. The series is full of action and adventure and will be loved if you like to watch the action anime.

So, these were the ten characters that can compete with Ninja Naruto in terms of power, popularity and entertainment. Search for them on the internet, or buy the DVDs of these characters and then decide that which of them is the best.

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